Here are some links and other resources related to COVID-19.
YOU might be able to help curb this pandemic locally!

Local (Stevens County, WA) information about COVID from the NE Washington Tri-County Health District:

Helpful, informative, and factual links:

Resources for ways YOU might be able to help

Sew “Isolation gowns” for use in local health facilities:

Sew face masks for use in local health facilities or by community members:

Many different patterns exist on the Internet. First a couple of recommendations:

  • Consider using a different color of fabric for each “side” of a mask, if making it reversible. That way, individuals can remember which side was next to their face if they take off the mask to eat, drink water, etc.
  • Consider making masks with elastic bands that go around the entire head, not just the ears. Some have reported their ears get sore after wearing elastic bands around them for an extended period of time.

Information on how to make face masks:

Make face shields (if you happen to have a 3-D printer):

When this current crisis is past – and it WILL pass – as a community we can store any additional supplies to be used for any future local disaster, or to send to another disaster area that needs the items we have created and stored. Our area may or may not experience a situation where the clinics and the local hospital are overwhelmed. However, if we do, we as a community can help in these and many other ways. Besides helping with the above mentioned things, consider phoning a senior citizen you know, or writing a card to someone in the nursing home, or calling a nephew or granddaughter to let them know you are thinking about them. REACH OUT and touch people in ways that are safe and help them know they are not forgotten. THEY MATTER. YOU MATTER.