Heartland Medicine Colville Clinic, Direct Care and Urgent Care

Mission statement:
We promote social justice by providing high-quality urgent care and primary care at fair prices.

Everyone in the Colville area has access to primary care and urgent care.


  • Transparency
  • Social justice
  • Fairness
  • Access
  • Excellence
  • Giving back to our community

 What We Are About:

We are committed to righting injustice in healthcare by creating a Direct Care Clinic and Urgent Care Center that provides access to high quality healthcare services at a fair price. We are serious about providing access to primary health care for everyone, including people without insurance or who have an insurance plan with a high deductible. We intend to keep our costs as low as possible. For this reason, we are cash only. We will accept cash, credit cards, or checks. We do not bill insurance companies. However, we will provide you with a detailed bill that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. We are also committed to providing financial support for causes that address issues that create health disparities.

Direct Care at Heartland Medicine Colville Clinic: Informational video

Sick? No insurance? No problem! Informational video (Click on image)