Steps to get a COVID-19 test - FIRST TIME PATIENTS FOLLOW BOTH STEPS. If you are a member or you have already been seen in the clinic for any reason, follow step 2 ONLY!

Heartland Medicine charges $40 (for non-members) to administer and follow up on your test. We do not take insurance for our part of this test. Please be prepared to pay this part by cash, check, or credit/debit card.
The lab charges $61 (for everyone) to process the test. If you have insurance and provide us with your insurance information, the lab will bill your insurance for this portion. If you do not have insurance, please also be prepared to pay $61 at the time of your visit. (You may speak to the receptionists about other options if you don’t have insurance.)

If you are NOT a member and have NEVER been seen at Heartland Medicine Colville Clinic before, START HERE! 
STEP 1 (FIRST TIME PATIENTS ONLY): Create an account using Heartland Medicine’s intake form (by clicking on “Start” below). Fill out whatever is required (mostly your name, address, etc.) or whatever you choose to enter, and skip whatever you choose not to enter or that is not pertinent to your visit by hitting “next” over and over again. Don’t worry about the “monthly” question at the end. We will NOT create a monthly subscription for you once your information has come through to our system. We WILL use your credit/debit card information to bill you for your visit if you include it in your registration. The only way to skip the CC info is to pre-pay (cash or check) in person prior to your visit. Including your photo is not required, but helpful.

STEP 2 (ALL PATIENTS): Call 509-684-7925 and tell the receptionist you need a COVID test. The office will schedule a convenient time for your test. At the prescribed time, drive to the back of the clinic (between Barman’s and The Acorn) and park in the handicapped parking spaces. Once you have arrived, call the clinic again to alert them. A medical assistant will come out and administer the test. Please be prepared to give your insurance information at that time (if you have it) if you didn’t include it in your registration process. NON-MEMBERS: Also be prepared to pay $40 in cash, check, or credit/debit card for our services if you have insurance to pay for the lab part of the test, and $101 if you don’t have insurance to pay for our services plus the lab portion. (Please inquire about other options if you don’t have insurance.)  MEMBERS: You do not need to pay the $40 for Heartland’s services. Those are covered in your membership. You only need to pay $61 for the test if you don’t have insurance, or ask us to have the lab bill your insurance if you have it.